Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Book V Kindle? one side of the debate

10 reasons to hate the Kindles

Why I hate the KindleI'm as tech-savvy as the next guy. Blogum ergo sum. I love my DVR, iPod and BlackBerry. But some things -- books -- are sacred. So here's my list for the book-slayer Kindle and its mutant offspring, Kindle2:
1. You can't leave it lying on your beach towel when you doze off at Ocean City.
2. Beautiful Russian ballerinas won't introduce themselves upon noticing your copy of Secrets of Nijinsky.
3. Striking cover art such as the gothic drawings on Lauren Groff's books can't be appreciated.
4. All books are the same in Kindleworld. You lose the heft of Guns, Germs and Steel and the sprightliness of a poetry collection like Elizabeth Spires' The Wave-Maker.
5. I can't use my collection of random bookmarks: a ticket from the Paris metro, an Orioles game stub or a museum pass.
6. The DK and National Geographic books aren't made for electrons. Or do they make a coffee-table-size Kindle?
7. The battery never dies on my paperback of The Big Sleep.
8.  I can't bear to part with my stacked, covered bookcase.
9. If I hate what I'm reading, I can't throw it across the room.
10. There is no hand-me down copies with secret messages scribbled on the back page. (my own reason)

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